How it impacted the world

It greatly impacted Athens and the other city-states. Athens could have tied all the city-states together and only then would they have survived. Athens' loss was Greece's loss.The Peloponnesian War weakened the city-states so much that years later when they were attacked by the Macedonians, they completely collapsed. This is credited to the point that Sparta and Athens had split. Their collapse led to a fall in world economy, trade, and a switch in power. Poverty became widespread in Greece. The great city of Athens never regained its pre-war prosperity. The war also led to a few political related conflicts later on.

Why we should study it

Studying the Peloponnesian War can help you understand the conflict between the Athenians and the Spartans. It will also lead you to realizing why ancient Greece fell. Plus, this is our history and its important in our lives to know what happened before the world of technology and television. It shows that conflict between humans have been going on for thousands of years and its in our nature to argue and disagree once a while. Also, this helps us understand how much people depend on eachother. Corinth depended on Sparta and Athens depended on its leaders.

What we should have learned from it

By studying the Peloponnesian War, you should have learned why the city states Athens and Sparta fought this war. Understanding how and why the war ended is something else to gain from studying. Learning why people fight in the first place is important, too. Also, you should walk away knowing why the war caused ancient Greece to fall years later.
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